Our ambition from the early beginnings has always remained the same:  To safeguard and develop our clients’ individual and business needs by offering a lasting relationship based on trust.  Our fiduciary relationship and our legal ethics are paramount to our practice.

Dedicated to obtaining optimal results for our clients, we are much involved in client matters so as to ensure that our clients feel they have easy access to our directors, managers, team members and associates.  The outstanding quality of our services has resulted in a number of long-standing relationships with both small and large companies, organisations and businesses.

With our long lasting presence in Cyprus we have also developed an excellent litigation, advocacy, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution team.  We are practicing in all areas of law and offer legal services and advice in general law, including but not limited to family law, employment law, immigration law, consumer and commercial law, criminal law, contract agency franchise and licensing law, intellectual property law, torts, trusts, inheritance and wills, banking and finance, real estate, housing and construction law, competition law, EU law, tax law, and human rights, constitutional and administrative law.

With many decades of experience and with our top team of lawyers and legal advisors, we are able to offer a full and complete range of legal advice and services to our clients.

Our associates shall advise you all areas of law including amongst others:

  • Consumer and Commercial Law.
  • Torts Law e.g. negligence, libel, injuries, accidents etc.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Labour and Employment Law.
  • Immigration Law.
  • Family and Matrimonial Law.
  • Contract, Agency, Franchising and Licensing law.
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation and Advocacy.
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.
  • Human Rights, Constitutional and Administrative Law.
  • Corporate Law.
  • Intellectual Property Law e.g. acquisition, registration and protection of all kinds of intellectual property rights including patents and trademarks. Instigation of actions on copyright infringement and passing-off.
  • Banking and Finance (Corporate and Individual) Law.
  • Real Estate, Housing and Development, Tenancy Law.
  • Trust and Fiduciary Obligations Law.
  • Tax, V.A.T. Customs and Excise Law.
  • European Union Law e.g. competition (anti-trust) law, restrictive trade practices, establishment of business, trade, consumer rights.

We have a strong litigation team to support you in Civil and Criminal Litigation or Commercial Arbitration.  We have been retained by parties to lawsuits – individuals, lawyers and corporations – across a wide range of jurisdictions, to defend or to initiate lawsuits or to trace and identify sources of funds and uncover information, often for evidentiary purposes.

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