The Premium Package is most suitable for families or group travel and longer visits and includes even more services than the extended package.  It covers the following:

  • VIP priority legal services.
  • Experienced Lawyers ready to help you.
  • Minimum permissible hourly rates charged for the retained legal emergencies.
  • The retainer is activated upon your declared arrival to Cyprus and is valid for the next 30 consecutive days.
  • The retainer is valid for four persons.
  • Two free priority short emergency phone calls per person for legal assistance offered 24/7. We shall give you our expert guidance on how to handle your emergency and, if needed, you can ask for an on-site visit from one of our experienced lawyers. Alternatively you can book a priority appointment.
  • Toll-free telephone calls.
  • Extra special discount hourly rates for all appointment or on-site visits if needed, if the legal advice is not covered by your retainer at minimum hourly rates.
  • Your lawyers are retained for an extensive range of instances of legal emergencies at minimum permissible hourly rates as follows:
    • Personal injury e.g. motor vehicle injuries, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, trip/slip and fall and other types of premises or occupier’s liability injuries etc.
    • Criminal deprivation of property e.g. by appropriation, theft, false pretences, fraud, larceny, burglary, robbery etc.
    • Consumer Problems e.g. billing problems, misleading advertising, retail sales and consumer rights, product safety, travel issues such as loss of property/luggage, cancellation of flights/ substandard accommodation, food poisoning etc.
    • Motor vehicle Accidents e.g. insurance problems, fault and liability etc.
    • All traffic violations.
    • Public order offences and Assaults e.g. assault and battery, affray brawls, disorderly misconduct and all offences against public order.
    • Criminal damage e.g. any intentional or reckless damage.
    • All illegal substance use
    • Sexual offences e.g. harassment, including indecent assaults, rape etc.
    • All arrests by the police.

Premium Package Includes

Service Hours local time 24 hours  (7 Days)
Valid For 4 Persons
Emergency Calls 2 per Person
Coverage Republic of Cyprus
Validity For 30 days
Lawyer Retained for 1. Personal injury

2. Criminal deprivation of property

3. Consumer Problems

4. Motor vehicle Accidents

5. All traffic violations

6. Public order offences and Assaults

7. Criminal damage

8. All illegal substance use

9. Sexual offences

10. All arrests by the police



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