What is the difference between your packages and travel insurance?

This is not an insurance package.  It is a package covering a legal emergency you may face during your holidays in Cyprus according to the package purchased.

When can I purchase my emergency legal assistance package?

You can purchase your emergency legal assistance package at least 36 hours before you travel to Cyprus.  You cannot purchase any package while on holiday in Cyprus. You can use our services even if you have not purchased a package but you shall not receive discounted rates.

What do the packages cover?

The packages cover legal assistance during an emergency situation.

How long is my coverage valid?

It depends on the package purchased.  See our package description.

How do I contact you in a legal emergency?

You call us on our local toll free number by dialling 80005858.

What is your response time?

When you call our toll free number you shall be connected to a lawyer in a matter of minutes.

What information shall I provide you when asking for emergency legal assistance?

You shall be asked for your user ID and your full name.   You shall then asked to explain your emergency situation and shall be given emergency legal advice.

Can I ask for on-site visit by a lawyer or make an appointment?

You shall simply request for one of these services when you contact us on our toll free number.  For more details see Meet Us 

Who shall give me legal support?

We only use experienced registered lawyers to support you.  Please visit www.vrahimislaw.com for more information on our law firm.

Can I use your services 24/7?

Yes. If you have purchased the family package.

Can I cancel my package?

Yes. Within 14 days of purchase.

Can I upgrade my package while in Cyprus?

Unfortunately you cannot.  However you can upgrade your package at least 36 hours before your visit in Cyprus.  For more details and support on the procedure please send an email to booking@lawyer4travel.com .

Do you have a group package?

You must ask your tour operator, who can make special arrangements with us through booking@lawyer4travel.com to set up a package for your group.

Is your website secure?

Yes. This site has earned the McAfee SECURE certification.

Is my information confidential?

Absolutely.  Your information can only be accessed by our staff.  We are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

If my holidays are over will you still continue handling my case?

Yes.  If you have already informed us about your case while your package was valid.  We shall continue to be in contact with you even if you are not in Cyprus any more.

Can I meet one of your lawyers if I did not buy a package?

Yes.  However you cannot use our toll free number and you shall not receive discounted rates.  In such a case you must contact us at either by email at info@vrahimislaw.com or through our office website at www.vrahimislaw.com or by calling in us during office hours at +357-22872200, or in case of an emergency after hours at +357-99644321.

Does the package cover holidays in the TRNC?

No. We only cover legal emergencies in the Republic of Cyprus.

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