Our Dispute Management team deals with:

  • Civil and Criminal Litigation and Advocacy.  We try cases in a daily basis all areas of law including but not limited to disputes and lawsuits regarding:
    • Consumer law (consumer rights, warrantees, sale of goods, unfair contract terms, product safety disputes etc.)
    • Torts (defamation disputes, personal injury, accidents, occupier’s and employers liability disputes etc.)
    • Criminal (extensive in all areas.)
    • Contract, agency franchise, licensing (void, voidable and illegal contacts, frustration, mistake and misrepresentation, termination, breach, damages disputes etc.)
    • Family and Matrimonial Law (matrimonial property, alimony, divorce, custody, legitimation disputes etc.)
    • Landlord and Tennant (termination, rent arrears, foreclosure, repossession, rental leases disputes etc.).
    • Inheritance and wills (formation and execution of wills disputes, administration of estates disputes etc.)
    • Administrative Law (judicial reviews of administrative decisions, complaints to the administration commissioner etc.)
    • Companies (shareholder disputes, suppression of minority, fraudulent misappropriation, mismanagement, taxation problems etc.)
    • Commercial Law (company, consumer, business, competition (anti-trust), contractual, environmental, intellectual property, employment and labour disputes etc.).
    • Banking and Financial (non-performing loans, mortgages and repossession, illegal banking practices, money laundering, funds freezing disputes etc.)
    • Employment and Labour (wrongful termination, pensions, provident fund and wage disputes, labour relations and collective agreements disputes etc.)
    • Immigration (administrative judicial reviews, residence permits, employment permits, visa overstay, refugee applications etc.)
    • Cross-border litigation (trusts and fiduciary obligation disputes, fraud and misappropriation disputes, asset tracing, breach of international contracts, international sale of goods and trade disputes, company and partnership disputes and business disputes.
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.  We can represent you in arbitration proceedings and we can also as mediators in disputes e.g. with banks, in matrimonial matters, in inheritance matters, etc.
  • Injunctive relief.  We can also apply and obtain imperative, incidental, preliminary, temporary and permanent, injunctive relief (ex-parte or otherwise) in appropriate cases e.g. restraining orders, orders for the appointment of administrator and receiver of companies, Mareva injunctions (for worldwide asset freezing), Anton Piller orders (to enter premises and obtain evidence), Norwich Pharmacal orders (for disclosure of documents and information), prohibition or restraint of alienation of property orders, Garnishee orders (emolument attachment of funds held by third parties) and any other order that may be necessary in a case.
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